Monster Match

New Game: Monster Match!

We recently released our latest game - Monster Match! It’s a fast-paced, match-3 style puzzle game, where you take the role of a powerful Lich, defending your lair from would-be heroes by summoning monsters to fight for you!

We made the game in about a month and are very happy with how it came out!

Check out the trailer:

You can pick it up now over on!

Progress on SciAnts Evolved

We’re still hammering away on SciAnts Evolved. This is turning out to be the largest project we’ve worked on - but we’re optimistic that we’ll have it finished around February 2020. We look forward to sharing more information about the game, soon!

Game Jams!

We have plans to participate in 2 upcoming Game Jams!

First, happening on December 13th - 15th, is the Yogscast Game Jam! During their annual, charity fundraising Jingle Jam, the Yogscast is running their first ever Game Jam.

Then in on January 31st - February 2nd is the Global Game Jam! Tons of people from all over the world will be participating by making a games using a shared theme.

Both of these should be a lot of fun and we’re looking forward to them!

Come and see us at the St Louis Science Center’s First Friday

We’ve partnered with the St Louis Science Center to participate in their monthly First Friday events. Come out and see us on Friday, December 6th to get your hands on both Monster Match, and the latest Multiplayer Demo of SciAnts Evolved!

Can’t make it this month? We plan to be back for many more First Fridays during the rest of the year, so follow us on Social Media to keep up to date!

That’s all for now! Thank you for following our news, we hope to have some more, exciting stuff to share with you, real soon!