State of Things (Greenlight and more!)

Apr 1, 2016

Things have been very busy, here at Axol Studio HQ!

You may have seen that Blasting Agent was Greenlit on Steam a little while ago - this is very exciting! We had expected the process for releasing on Steam to be straightforward: upload the game files, setup some variables, flip the switch, and then make an announcement - oh how naïve! It turned out to be quite a bit more complicated than that. The game is done, and ready to go, but there are so many other little things that needed to be done - including creating Trading Cards, and a new Trailer. All of these things have taken more time than expected to finish up.

Some of the things we’re preparing:

  • We’ve brought on six different artists to tackle making some awesome artwork for the Trading Cards - one for each of the game’s bosses. So far, they look amazing, and I can’t wait to reveal them, when they’re all finished.
  • A fancy, new, cleaner Trailer is in the works.
  • Apparently some of you feel that Hard Mode is too easy, so we’re making it even harder (Okay, April Fools - we’re actually rebalancing and tweaking Hard Mode so that it’s actually possible to beat, and doesn’t give you PTSD. [I thought it was easy enough, anyway XD ])
  • We’re working on making sure the game will run on Mac, as well as PC.

But, don’t worry! Blasting Agent: Ultimate Edition is coming to Steam - and pretty soon! In addition to releasing on Steam, we’re in the process of releasing it on other platforms as well… stay tuned for more details about that!

That about wraps up this update. We’ll be back again, soon, to let you know when the Steam Release is coming!